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Meet Play Vision, the NCAA-approved iOS app designed to electronically track your team’s offense.


Track Plays in Real Time

Use the Play Vision app to record every offensive possession as it happens.  Learn what works. Play more efficiently. Win more games.

Your  team Stats

Create Full Game Reports

 Generate comprehensive reports with a tap of a button whenever, wherever. From the locker room at halftime or on a flight back home, reports are ready in minutes. No need for internet. No waiting on game film!

Easily Track

Play Vision™ allows teams to track their offense live. Know what plays have been called and analyze them on the spot.

Situational Analysis

Quickly view simple stats to get a pulse of the current game, or dive deep into the data to learn what works best.

View Shot Charts

Filter shot charts based on specific plays, players or games for a bird’s eye view of the court.


The Game Changers

Backup Game Data

Rest assured that data is safe and secure on our servers. Free backups mean valuable information never gets lost.


Unlimited Report Downloads

Generate detailed reports with the tap of a button to easily break down practices, scrimmages, or games. Play Vision™ can even combine multiple games to create reports.

Introductory Pricing

We’re new on the scene so we priced our services with your budget in mind. Check out our packages to find the best fit for your team.


Continued Support

Each team gets a dedicated “Play Rep” to help with support. Email, call, or text questions, ask for training tips, provide suggestions to improve your experience, or tell us about your last victory. We’re here to help you win.


Real Results

Based on our pilot program, Division I teams using Play Vision™ won 23% more of their games this year compared to when they were NOT using Play Vision™ last year. Get Play Vision™. Get the Edge!


“Play Vision™ took our analytics to the next level and our FIRST EVER CAA Championship Title is a result of it!!”


-Myles Jackson

Assistant Director of Basketball Operations, Towson University Women’s Basketball

“It has been great to be able to give our staff feedback in huddles and at halftime for any adjustments.  Play Vision™ has also helped create a discussion on what plays we need to put into more of a regular rotation.  I hope other teams are enjoying the service as much as us.”


-Daniel Boice

Video Coordinator, University of Kentucky Women’s Basketball
“Play Vision has been great! I like that we are able to get in game feedback right away. It is a helpful tool for live analytics on the offensive side of the game.” 


-Josh Thompson

Head Women’s Basketball Coach, King University
“The ability to be able to constantly track our offensive play calling in a game and get custom reports afterwards was invaluable data that allowed for greater discussion amongst our staff about being more efficient and effective in our play calling.”

-Lin Dunn
2014 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee 
“Play Vision has changed the way I look at stats. It is a complete, real-time tool that takes away the guessing, during and after a game. I can access plays that are working, line-ups and substitution patterns that work well for us. It’s so accessible that I can use it to make adjustments during a game.  It’s like having an extra coach on the bench!”


Diane Richardson

Head Coach, 2019 Colonial Athletic Association Coach of the Year

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