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What is Play Vision?
Play Vision is a real-time stat keeping service that allows you to track your offensive plays during games, and see stats related to the plays that your team runs.

How can Play Vision help my team win?
Play Vision helps in two ways: 1) It tracks your offense in real time so that you can quickly log what plays have been called, and see the success of those plays during a game. 2) Play Vision also helps you to easily analyze your plays between games, so you can see what worked best.

Why track plays?
Tracking a team’s plays allows a coach to see exactly where their team’s points are coming from without the need for game film. It lets a coach know, which plays have the most success, and which plays need work. This allows a coach to narrow their scope in game time situations to select the best offense to run instead of only relying on guesswork.

Why should I track my offense with Play Vision instead of pencil and paper?
When using pencil and paper to keep track of plays, you’re limited by how much information you can log, and by how quickly you can log it. Play Vision automates the process so you can log information quicker while simultaneously giving you much more useful information such as shot charts, shooting percentages, player break downs, and more.

Why isn’t Play Vision currently open to everyone?
In order to make the Play Vision service the best that it can be, we want to give personalized attention to everyone that uses the app. By controlling the number of participants, we can monitor the experience for each user and ensure things like personalized training, preferred pricing, and more. We can also streamline the feedback we receive from each of our users so they have a clear voice in helping to build the service to meet their needs.

Is there a limit to the number of Plays that I can store in the Play Vision app?
There is no limit on the amount of plays you can track. We’ve seen teams with five plays, and teams with 30. You can also create plays based on sets to give you more options on your data.

Does Play Vision track assists and rebounds?
Currently Play Vision is focused on the scoring elements within each play. It does not track assist and rebounds.

Does Play Vision track defensive plays?
Play Vision is an offensive tool. It does not track defensive plays.

Can I use Play Vision against my opponent?
We did not have this in mind when developing the app, but it is possible to track the other team’s offense. If doing so, we would recommend using Play Vision as a scouting tool for game film. To do it during a game, and track your own offense, you would need two iPads.

How difficult is it to use Play Vision?
We tell people that it takes about a quarter to find your rhythm. Of course the more practice you have, the better you’ll be. We also offer personalized training to those in the closed launch to ensure you get the most out of the app.

Who should I assign to use the Play Vision App?
The best user is someone that is familiar with your team’s offensive plays in practice, and can recognize a play that’s been called during a game. We’ve seen assistant coaches, statisticians, support staff, redshirt players, and managers all successfully use the Play Vision app during games.

Is Play Vision only available on iPad?
Yes. Currently Apple’s iPad is the only tablet capable of running the Play Vision app.

What software requirements are there for Play Vision?
Play Vision requires iOS 10 or greater.

Is Play Vision allowed on the bench?
Play Vision is allowed on the bench in most leagues as long as the WiFi is disconnected. The NCAA states that no electronic transmission or replay equipment may be used, but it does permit NCAA Women’s teams to use tablets for stat keeping on the bench barring WiFi is turned off, and no electronic transmission occurs from the bench. Furthermore, to ensure that no violations occur, all electronic transmission is disabled while a game is being logged.

Currently, the NCAA Men do not allow use of electronics, including tablets to be used from the bench.

While other levels (High School, AAU, etc.) are also lenient, it is on the user to be aware of any rules regarding technology on the bench for their specific league.

Do I need an internet connection to use Play Vision?
An internet connection is not required use Play Vision’s stat tracking features. In fact we suggest turning WiFi off during games to avoid any rule violations. An internet connection is required to download reports, and to backup your data.

What is the report feature of Play Vision?
Play Vision pulls the information entered into the app for a game, and organizes it into a clean and easy to read document. The report will grow depending on the amount of plays that a team runs, and the amount of players that score. Reports only look at information for a single game. To see seasonal data, you will have to review the app.

How long do reports take to download?
Assuming the internet connection is strong, basic reports should take take about a minute to generate. Premium reports may take a few minutes due to the amount of information that is used.

What types of reports can I get?
We currently offer two types of reports. Basic reports require one credit for a full game report. They download quickly, but contain limited play information. Premium reports require two credits for a game report, and are a bit longer to download. These are much more detailed in the information they provide. View the report samples to compare.

Can reports be printed?
We recommend it. It makes sharing information among staff much easier. Be sure to print in color to get the best results.

What if I find an error in my data?
If you notice an error in your data, you can edit the play. The information will update in the app, and you can re-generate a brand new report. It’s important to make sure that your data looks correct before ending a game.

How do report credits work?
Report credits allow the users to select the type of report that they wish to download. For some games a standard report is enough information, and other games a coach may want a deeper look. Report packages are based on premium reports.

Note: those with the three point plan will not see credits and can download an unlimited amount of standard or premium reports.

Can I try the service before purchasing?
Absolutely.  Sign up to schedule a demo.

Still have more questions? Feel free to let us know!