How it Works

Easy to use, live tracking
Play Vision™ simplifies record keeping and allows for quicker reporting and analytics so your team can win with numbers.

1. Pick your Play Expert

Assign someone to use the Play Vision™ app.  The best Play expert knows the team’s offense, and is close to the action.

2. Add your squad

Load the entire roster of a team.

3. Load your offense

Input all offensive full court, half court, or out-of-bounds sets and plays.

4. Let the games begin

Take Play Vision to the court and start playing more efficiently.


Need to see more?

Learn from a professional! Check out the below videos featuring former WNBA star Natalie Novosel to see Play Vision™ in action.

Check out the Pro Tips for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions



What is Play Vision™?
Play Vision™ is a real-time stat keeping service that allows you to track your offensive plays during games, and see stats related to the plays that your team runs.
How can Play Vision™ help my team win?
Play Vision™ helps in two ways: 1) It tracks your offense in real time so that you can quickly log what plays have been called, and see the success of those plays during a game. 2) Play Vision™ also helps you to easily analyze your plays between games, so you can see what worked best.
Can I try the service before purchasing?
Absolutely. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Still have more questions? Feel free to let us know!

Is Play Vision™ allowed on the bench?
Play Vision™ is allowed on the bench. Play Vision™ does not require electronic transmission and does not have video replay.

The NCAA Women’s league permits teams to use tablets for stat keeping if WiFi is disabled during a sporting event.

Currently the NCAA Men’s league does not allow use of electronics, including tablets on the bench.

While other levels (High School, AAU, etc.) do allow tablets on the bench, it is on the user to be aware of any rules regarding technology for their specific league.


Does Play Vision™ track assists and rebounds?
Currently Play Vision™ is focused on the scoring elements within each play. It does not explicitly track rebounds.
Does Play Vision™ track defensive plays?
Play Vision™ is an offensive tool. It does not track defensive plays.

App Info

Do I need an internet connection to use Play Vision™?
An internet connection is only necessary for saving data to the servers. The Play Vision™ app does not require an internet connection for regular use. We do recommend connecting to the internet after a sporting event to ensure any stored data on the iPad is backed up in case you ever lose your device.
What hardware/software requirements are there for Play Vision™?
Play Vision™ requires iOS 11 and works best on the iPad Air 2 or later.
Is Play Vision™ only available on iPad?
Yes. Currently Apple’s iPad is the only tablet capable of running the Play Vision app.


What is the report feature of Play Vision™?
Play Vision™ pulls the information entered into the app for a game, and organizes it into a clean and easy to read document. The report will grow depending on the amount of plays that a team runs, and the amount of players that score.
How long do reports take to download?
Reports should only take a couple of minutes to generate depending on the size of the report that is being created.
Can reports be printed?
We recommend it. It makes sharing information among staff much easier. Be sure to print in color to get the best results.